About Us

Founded in 2002, GGA works with organizations to reduce debtors or inventory ageing after the organization has exhausted their internal efforts.

We provide analytical, operational and implementation support to organizations and work with them to liquidate old and aged debtors and inventory and convert them into cashflow.

Reduction in debtors and inventory or reversal of provisions requires spending considerable time and effort and is not possible to combine it with the daily core activities of the company, if the process was easy – the desired results could be achieved already.

The best way to reduce debtors / inventory is to let an experienced and professional B2B services company focus on reduction of debtors / inventory and reversal of PDD as a onetime assignment. The professional company brings the processes on track and then exits the assignment.

GGA is a focused financial services company – we assist B2B companies to collect and reduce overdue debtors and inventory / reverse PDD in a professional manner. GGA works on success based variable fee and reduces the company’s internal efforts and costs of inventory and debtors reductions - due to our professional processes we reach the desired milestones in a shorter period of time.

GGA with its team size, management depth, experience, processes and reach all across India provides a complete and seamless experience to organizations.

The GGA team excels at:

  • Taking complete ownership of the assignment
  • Conducting root cause-analysis to diagnose underlying inefficiencies
  • Designing, developing and implementing interventions at specific points
  • Conceiving, developing new debtors and inventory reduction strategies and programmes

Our Skills

Order to Invoice Processes
Invoice to Cash Process
Overdue Invoices Collections
Inventory Management
Reduction and liquidation of inventory