Welcome to GGA India, Generating Cash Flow

GGA identifies opportunities within organizations to Generate Cashflow through better management, control and liquidation of their “Overdue Debtors” and “Aged or obsolete Inventory”. GGA reduces the cashflow risks faced by organizations due to holding of aged debtors or inventory.

Benefits of GGA

  • Reduction in Debtors as % of Sales

    Cashflow can significantly be enhanced if the amounts owing to a business are collected faster. Slow collections have a crippling effect on the business. Every business needs to know - who owes them money, how much is owed

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  • Reduction in Inventory as % of Sales

    Excessive and obsolete stocks can place a heavy burden on the cash resources of the business. Insufficient stock can result in lost sales, delay of customers etc.

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GGA Services

Reducing debtors and inventory / reversal of provisions for debts

Selling to a financially weak customer or an unscrupulous customer is worse than not making a sale at all, however most companies in their urgency to sign up a customer will not be able..

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The most given reason for nonpayment of the invoice is that the invoice has not been received, in order to ensure that this reason in is not resorted to by the customers, GGA sets up a process ...

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Planning and design of the inventory system provides the organisational structure and operating policies for maintaining and controlling goods to be procured, produced and inventoried.

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Product Lifecycles, new technologies, inventory spoilage – lead to products losing value and not being able to sell at full value. Some companies do not sell or liquidate their dead, obsolete...

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