Reduction and liquidation of inventory

Reduction and liquidation of inventory – aged, slow moving and surplus inventory

Product Lifecycles, new technologies, inventory spoilage – lead to products losing value and not being able to sell at full value. Some companies do not sell or liquidate their dead, obsolete, aged or damaged stock. They allow the cost of their inventory to compromise their decision to liquidate it. The organizations keep trying to generate prot off the original purchase price. The moment stock becomes slow moving or outdated, it needs to be sold immediately, as holding onto bad inventory leads to loss of investment opportunities, borrowing costs, storage costs and management cost.

The value of the products will go do over a period of time and it is in the best interests of the companies to plan for reduction in values and make plans to liquidate the inventory at the earliest. The faster the company sells it, the better its chances are of recouping the full value.

The cost of not taking a decision regarding old inventory is huge, especially considering the current economic outlook.

GGA works as an alternate sales channel for corporates who wish to liquidate their old inventory. We assess the inventory value and then with the assistance of our channel partners, work towards identifying a partner who will take the old inventory off your hands and books, without causing ramifications to your existing sales channel.