A reversal of provisions and reduction in inventory and debtors and improvements in the Cash Conversion Cycle and Permanent Working Capital Reduction involves deep analytics and defined strategies to be integrated into the DNA of the organization and measured on a month on month basis. It is often not possible for an organization’s internal resources to devote time to these activities.

GGA’s assists organizations debtors and inventory reduction initiative to be successful by involving themselves – both at the analytics stage and then at the implementation stage.

GGA’ involvement assists the organizations in the following manner:

  • Prioritization of activities – involving GGA gets the required focus and momentum for achieving the required goals.
  • Management skills and resources – GGA devotes dedicated resources to the assignment, who not only fill the skill gap in an organization, but also guide the company’s existing team in best practices and implementation of the solution
  • Expertise in debtors / inventory reduction – GGA brings the required expertise, process, skills and tools to offer customized solutions for companies seeking long term solutions and benefits
  • Process management experience – GGA has conducted multiple assignments and brings years of experience in managing debtors and inventory reduction assignments for various business models – we know what works and what doesn’t